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About me

Hello! I am Leena Bora.

I am a Software Engineer by profession, but Dress Designing is my hobby and my passion outside of my day job. I started designing my own dresses back in my college days, a time when I had just started exploring my innate apparel sense. My designs always drew interest and compliments from friends and family (and on one crazy occasion a total stranger at a foreign airport). Through their constant encouragement and appreciation, and my own sense of fulfilment from my design work, I have nurtured my passion for close to a decade.

My professional work takes me around the world on overseas assignments. This has given me a unique opportunity to experience the fashion trends of places far and wide - from Hong Kong in the east to the US in the west and everything in between.

Back home I love to spend my spare time losing all sense of place and time in hunting for just the right fabrics, just the right colours, the right prints, the right textures, and of course the right price! Then begins the painstaking yet unendingly pleasurable task of putting together the design - agonizing over each cut, each hem, each embellishment and each accessory till everything is just perfect. I then personally discuss and coordinate the final stitch with my tailor to ultimately bring the creation to life.

Drawing a deep sense of satisfaction from my work, and sensing a place in the market for my unique designs, I have decided to turn my passion into an entrepreneurial venture. In a hope that my craft brings as much joy to others as it does to me.

I present to you -